Terrarium Baiosphere - Large

The Baiospherers terrariums are perfect for dark spaces in the home where no other plants can survive.  Whether on the desk in the office or on top of the bedside table – thanks to the full spectrum LEDs, your terrarium feels good everywhere. The small landscapes form independent ecosystems that bring a piece of calming nature to even the smallest of homes.  The terrarium comes with a range of plants and moss and a free online live Zoom tutorial of a time you can choose by arranging with us privately.  Just you and the tutor will build one in your own home online.  

What you get:

Terrarium glass shaped in a teardrop 


Height: 354 mm / 13.94 in

Height (only Teardrop): 310 mm / 12.20 in

Width/Depth: 254 mm / 10 in


LED Sunlight XL:

Wattage: 8W

Power Supply: 5V / 1.6A

Brightness: 230 Lumen

Light Temperature: 3500K (warm white) – 6500K (cold white)

Light Spectrum: Vollspektrum

Housing material: anodized aluminium

Comes with a booklet.

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