Kilner Jar Terrarium Kit

Build your very own indoor garden at home with our terrarium kits.

By creating a terrarium using one of our kits it helps you to feel calm and relaxed and by getting your hands dirty you are literally connecting with nature.


Your kit contains plants suitable for closed vessels. 

- Glass vessel

- Clay pellets (Small brown pellets)

- Sphagnum Moss (SP Moss)

- Activated Carbon (small envelope)

- Soil (Botanical Boys own mixture of potting soil)

-  Selection of plants suitable for your vessel choice (in a paper bag or wrapped individually inside the vessel)

-  Decorative stones in envelope

-  Bun Moss or Sheet Moss for decoration

-  Cork stick and brush (tweezers if you order them)

-  Box label is shipping label (no other documentation included)

-  Step by Step Botanical Boys terrarium building guide


Accessorise your terrarium with characters here: httpsfigures://

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