Ficus Lyrata

Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus Lyrata single stem with very large violin shaped leaves are fairly easy to care for.   The indoor plants can grow up to 10 foot and in it's natural habitat between 60'and 100'. 

Watering:  Keep the soil moist and never let the tree sit in water to avoid root rot.  The tree loves a humid environment so investing in a small room humidifier can help keep it happy.  Once a month give it a good watering to help flush out any excess salts in the soil.  Feed your plant during the growing season with slow release plant food. 

Lighting:  Will tolerate East facing morning Sun but avoid direct Sunlight all day.  They prefer a bright room and if underneath a skylight this is ideal for all round good lighting or close to a good bright window.  

General caring is keeping the leaves wiped once a week free of dust and any pests.  If you have any pests avoid using chemicals instead use a more sustainable method such as Neem Oil to keep leaves shiny and free of any pests.   Repot your tree once a year to give it it's chance to grow to it's full indoor potential. 

Origin:  Western Africa