Ficus Elastica Robusta - Multi stem - L

The Ficus Robusta "Rubber plant" is a lush tropical tree which also filters the air and has low maintenance needs.   In the natural habitat it can grow over 30meters, but in the home can grow to a more manageable size up to 6 feet.  We have a range of sizes and stems.  Our £95 is a multi stem on bamboo supports in a 20cm wide pot.  We also offer single stem and smaller varieties see the options below. 

Watering:  Enjoys a misting on the leaves.  When the soil at the top becomes dry it's usually a good time to water your plant.  Keep the soil lightly moist but not wet.  

Light:  The Ficus will enjoy aa bright spot behind a thin curtain on a window or some blinds that allow some good natural Sunlight inside.  It will tolerate direct Sunlight but in the jhotter periods move it or protect it from too much Sun exposure.   The plant will also tolerate part shade conditions. 

Origin:  South East Asia, Sri Lanka

Size:- 25cmD x 90cm approx H

Delivery: Local only