Cactus - Euthorbia

Euthorbia have some of the most beautiful shapes and forms and are well suited to dry climates which makes them super easy to care for as you do not need to water them often.  They often get confused with Cactus.  Cactus have spines but Euthorbias have spikes. 

Watering : Euthorbia do not require regular watering.  Usually once per month on average, must be watered from the base and not over the plant to avoid rotting of the leaves/stems. 

Best way to water a cactus is to place the pot on top of a saucer with a little water, leave it for half an hour to soak up what it needs then remove excess water.

Light : Can tolerate direct Sun but also a bright lit room.  Place in a South facing position.

Origin: Southern Africa, Madagascar 

Size:  20cmD x 53cmH approx