Alocasia Zebrina

An eye catching yellow and black print -esque Zebrena tropical plant with large leaves commonly associated to the shape of Elephants ears, hence is their nick name.  They add an immediate tropical buzz to your home.  Large variety. 

 Watering:  Requires a humid environment, regular misting and keeping soil fairly moist, once per week watering.  A hunmidifier is a good idea for a room if it's quite a dry environment.  A good sign of when this plant requires watering is they will be quite dramatic and droop their stems.  The plant requires water to keep the stems up.  

Top tip on watering:  To avoid it getting over wet on the roots, water it from the top, let it drain out of the holes of teh pot then put  it back into your decorative pot. 

Light:  West or East facing windows are good spots as this plant does not mind a bit of Sun but not direct Sun all day long to avoid the leaves scorching.  

Origin:  Asia and Eastern Australia