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Boubou robe - Vintage garment - West Africa (14)

Across West Africa men would wear the Agbada, a wide sleeved robe which has detailed stitching and embroidered patterns.  
The garments are known across many ethnic groups originally adopted from the Hausa people, named agbada in Yoruba, mbubb in Wolof & Gandora from Taureg.  

The robe would be traditionally worn by the likes of the Taureg people along the desert trading routes to protect them from the harsh Sun during the day and the cold desert temperatures at night.  The robe would often be paired with a large turbin to protect the face from sand blowing and cold winds at night this was known as the Alasho in Hausa language and Tagelmust in Taureg. 

This is a very special old piece of history.  Comes with the stand. 

Idea:  The robe could be mounted in a frame and hung as a piece of wall art instead of the stand.  

Size on stand:  128cmH x 80cm W approx. 
Shipping: The stand is over 128cm tall we may have some restrictions to shipping worldwide but can otherwise ship local in London or available to collect.



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