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    Philodendron - Heart Leaf - S

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    Philodendrons are beautiful trailing plants and easy to care for.  This plant is in the region of 1.5 to 2.2m long.  An instant jungle effect in your home.  They are easy to care for and they grow quite quickly.   Their leaves are quite big on average spanning up to 8-10cm across on the more mature leaves, they soak up moisture and release fresh oxygen into the room.  A perfect air cleansing plant.  

    Watering:  At least once weekly, likes the soil to be kept fairly moist but not soaking.  

    Light:  Avoid direct Sun, these plants grow under the canopy of trees in their native countries so they are best placed in a fairly bright room.  A north facing room is ideal.  

    Origin:  South America, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia

    Pot size: 14cm D