Succulents - mixed variety

Mixed succulents which are super easy to care for and require very little maintenance and watering cycles.  Our succulents are mixed so you will receive one of the succulents from the image.  If you wanted a specific type on the image please let us know and we will do our best to pick that one out for you.

Watering:  Once every 2 weeks.  Let the soil dry out completely before watering again, let the water drain from underneath the pot and never let your succulent sit in water.  TIP:  If the leaves show signs of crinkling then it is time to water them.   Avoid adding water on top of the leaves as they will rot away.  Aim for the soil instead using a long spout small water can or a squeezy bottle with a long spout or a plastic syringe does the trick too.  This enables you to focus the water on the soil and not on the leaves. 

Light:  Usually require up to 6 hours of good Sunlight per day.  Younger plants will struggle in direct Sunlight, gradually introduce them to a direct Sun sport as they grow.  Bright light is better than low light.  

Origin: Africa, Central America, South America, South Africa


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